The Beautiful Story Of Kholik, 14

Kholik, a 14 year old Indonesian, one of the « young trash picking kids » from the Solibad Bintang project was taking the train this morning, to get to a special 2 weeks English course. The only problem was that… he could not get a ticket…

Kholik was travelling with 4 other teenagers from Bintang Solibad to get to a 2 weeks intensive training English course, paid by the recent individual sponsors of the foundation. He was, as all the others, very excited for this trip : he dropped out of school 2 years ago, never finished his Junior school and has been working in the dump in Bekasi, to collect what is left from the leftovers of Jakarta’s inhabitants. He joined the program and has not missed one training session and has made tremendous progress in just two months and has vowed to get back to school when he comes back from this English course

In Indonesia, as in most countries around the world, one needs an ID card or a birth certificate to get a train ticket. And, as many children from this slum area, Kholik doesn’t have a birth certificate, nor an ID Card. He is, for the country, non existent. But one thing saved him when he was to get his ticket : his Solibad Bintang Club Member card – the only proof of ID he has.

Kholik joined the Solibad Bintang badminton program 2 months ago.. This card saved his journey. Maybe it will change his life. It was just a club membership card, but in many ways, it was the only proof of his existence, his only proof of recognition. And as you read this article, he is on his way, with his four friends from the same village, to a place near Surabaya, a 10 hours trip that the teenagers will do on their own – to enjoy this fabulous opportunity to speak English – a first step towards a path back to school…

A very touching story that we wanted to share with you all, our friends, who donate to Solibad or participate in our events. This is what it’s all for….

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